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How to Act In Spite of The Fear

We’ve all had those days. Disgusted with how life is going. Feeling we deserve oh so much more than what we actually have. (At least the way we see it!) There has GOT to be more out there for us, there’s just got to!

Usually, during these deep thoughts, that the world hates us, and has it in for us, when we feel so damn oppressed by some unseen force, we lash out at whatever, or whoever, is closest.

Closest that is, except for the one we see in the mirror. That can’t be the reason I’m stuck where I am. No way. Impossible.


“It’s not your fault you’re stuck!”

You wanna know something? It is your fault. Unless someone held a gun to your head every time you had to make a decision regarding the direction of your life.

You have to own the responsibility for your actions, and take ownership of where you are in your life at the current moment. You have to learn to act in spite of the fear you may have.










Once you take responsibility for your life, you put yourself in a position to start getting past your fear. Imagine how good you’re going to feel when you start to break free from the grip of a fear that has had you paralyzed. A fear that has kept you from realizing your true destiny.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.”

                                                                       Nelson Mandela

Next, you’ve got to bring yourself to take action. Owning your life decisions, on its own is not going to remove your fear. You’re going to have to do something about it. Doing something about it won’t remove your fear, but it will help you get past it.

Action is needed

Everyone has fear; it’s part of the fabric of life. You’ll not go through life without having fears. Accept them, acknowledge them, even embrace them. Fear does have a positive side. It can help you avoid a catastrophic step. And it can help you temper an impetuous action. But don’t let fear stop you dead in your tracks!

Realize that you are in control of your life, and you can guide it in the direction you want to go. Whenever we let fear hold us back or prevent us from doing something, we’re just giving that fear all the power to keep us down. Why not redirect that force into some forward momentum; self-improvement and growth?

Why do we worry about something that might happen, even though we couldn’t possibly know it’ll happen? And who knows, it might turn out to be a great thing, and open a whole host of new, exciting opportunities! It could even open doors to a better life.

If we are so willing to believe that something we fear is going to be so terrible, why aren’t we just as willing to believe that something we fear might be a boon for us? Human nature seems to be very accepting of the negative possibilities, while being completely unwilling to believe something good can come of our actions.

Do we have an innate fear of success? Are we so afraid of failing that we would rather stay at our own, self-imposed status quo?

How scary is that?

And isn’t it odd that fear seems to rear its ugly head whenever you come upon an opportunity to grow, or improve your life? That fear isn’t going to subside. Seth Godin had this to say about waiting for fear to subside:

“By the time the fear subsides, it will be too late. By the time you’re not afraid of what you were planning to start/say/do, someone else will have already done it, it will already be said or it will be irrelevant. The reason you’re afraid is that there’s leverage here, something might happen. Which is exactly the signal you’re looking for.”   (See the original post here.)

Claim Your Success

Living a fear filled life will keep you stuck. And it will allow someone else to claim your prize. For your own sanity and self-preservation, you’re going to have to find a way to move past your fear and start living. And claim your success.

So why not, as a change of pace, face your fear directly? Acknowledge that it’s there. Then act on your dream anyway. When you do that, and come through as a success on the other side, you will feel exhilarated!

Remember the first time you rode a two-wheeler by yourself? Before you knew it, your father had let go of the bike, and you see him getting smaller behind you, in the mirror. Wow! That was great! Almost euphoric.

“Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.”                                        Napoleon Hill

Why shouldn’t you be one of the successful ones? Why is OK for someone else to have the success, but not you?  We should all think, feel, and KNOW that we can and should be successful!

When we are successful, we are able to help others achieve their success. And that’s better for everyone, and society at large. You have to know that you deserve to be successful. And if you’re willing to work to achieve that success, then you will have it. Just give yourself the chance. Don’t knock yourself out before you even get started.

It’s time to break through your fear to the other side…

Your dream is there for the taking. But no one is going to hand it to you. You’re going to have to go take it. The time is now – go grab your success!

If you’re feeling stuck in some dead-end job, and you know you want to throw off the yoke of working 9 – 5, you might be interested in this.

How do you handle your fears? Do you acknowledge them? Do you work past them? Do you let them hold you back?

Please leave me a comment below, or ask a question if you’d like. I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading…

2 thoughts on “How to Act In Spite of The Fear

  1. You are hitting the nail on the head here! Action is what it takes, move beyond the fear let it motivate you to beat it. Great work and keep sharing this great info! Your ideas will help everyone that has the idea to jump in the internet platform for business

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Dennis. I’m going to keep letting people know what they can do to take control of their destinies.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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