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What does it mean to FIRE YOUR BOSS?

There’s probably as many answers to this question as there are workers in the world! Deciding between some real home based business opportunities might be the way to go.

Maybe you just want to find a new job, trade one boss in for a better model. I’m sure that’s possible in some places. Or perhaps you’re close to retiring, but you don’t think you’ll be able to make it to 65, or whatever age they want you to give your blood. A work at home business can present a practical alternative.

If you’re like me, you’ve thought about firing your boss (maybe worse) too many times to count! Like when he grabbed you as you were leaving last Friday for the weekend.

“The Klondike proposal has to be finished tonight BEFORE you go home. I need it by eight AM tomorrow” he says, handing you a 2” thick, well-worn manila folder. Then he walks out the door to his new Maserati and screeches out of the parking lot.

It took all your might not to throw that folder at his head and step on his back on your way out.

But, what would you do? Chances are, you can’t just quit. If you were independently wealthy, you would’ve quit long ago. However, you still have bills to pay, and you still gotta eat.

Let’s look at what it really means to FIRE YOUR BOSS

   irm commitment. You have to be ready to make a firm commitment to doing whatever it takes to break free from your boss’s micromanaging control and leave the 9 to 5 grind forever. Do you think you’re ready to make the changes needed to be your own boss?

nspired. You need to be inspired to fire your boss. You’re going to have to inspire yourself that starting your own business is the best way to stick to that pain in the rump. Now is the time to realize that there is no place for fear in your heart.

You’re going to have to push passed your fears to start your own business. Focus instead on the long term rewards and freedom you will achieve.

evitalize your life. Aren’t you tired of dragging yourself through the muck 5 days a week, and seeing no real value for your life? All that effort should be giving you some measure of satisfaction. Do you get the warm fuzzies from helping your boss get richer? I didn’t think so. The time is now to begin taking control of your life and building something for yourself.

Give yourself the spark to grab your dreams by the horns, and make them come true. Your future self will thank you.

xplore your options. You can figure out what you want to pursue in different ways. What are your strengths? Are you an expert working with computers? Does everyone in the office come to you when they need to get something to work on an Excel spreadsheet; or how to format a document for the company newsletter?

Then you could start a business offering these services. Create a few how-to videos, and some tutorials. Start a weekly blog and write about one particular feature each week, do a deep dive on the subject.

Maybe you’re a weekend mechanic, doing small jobs in your driveway on the weekends. You could blog about car problems. How they might happen, what the typical causes might be, and the ways you could go about fixing it.

Think about your life experiences, and what you learned from them. Think about your hobbies – what do you do to pass the time and enjoy doing it? What do you do that makes you lose track of time?

The answers to these and similar questions can point you in the right direction toward financial freedom.

ield to your desire to control your Destiny. Middle management in some stuffy office cannot be what you thought you would be doing for your life. Early on, you had dreams. You were going to go out and conquer the world, but somewhere along the way, you lost your mojo. What happened?

You were sold a bill of goods, which turned out to be unseen chains of bondage.

You were convinced by society at large that you need to get an education, then get a job at some well-known conglomerate. And then work your way up the ladder. All the crap that goes on in the office: the back office politics, the back stabbing, getting over-worked and burned out – that’s all part of the “game”.  And you’re supposed to just deal with it, learn how to live with it.


Now is the time to break those chains that are holding you back. You can’t see them, but I know you can feel them. The weight is dragging you down a little bit, day by day. You won’t feel the crush until it’s too late. Don’t let this be you!

wn your work. If you’re doing a 9-5 gig, all your work belongs to someone else. Sure, you can save your files and take them home, but the fruit of your labor belongs to your employer. And if that employer decides he doesn’t need your services anymore, you’re out in the cold.

But, what if you were running your own online business? You’re certainly not going to throw yourself out in the cold, right? If things aren’t going the way you think they should, you can at least make changes to bring things back around.

You can tweak your website. You can expand your product offering. You can start a new website. The only limit is your imagination. At the very least, you can find someone to help you out, but still leave you in overall control. Best of all, everything you produce is YOURS!


nite your passion with your business. Getting up every day and looking forward to getting to work – can you imagine how good that would feel? That heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach would change to one of excited anticipation! Looking forward to going to work – WHAT does that feel like?

One of the best things is, all your work belongs to you. It’s your website. It’s your writing. It’s YOUR production earning YOU a living. You give the customer what she/he wants, everybody is happy.

einvent your future.  You don’t have to accept the way your future is playing out. Working for someone else is not a command written in stone that you must follow. It’s in your power to change how your future evolves. You can fire your boss, and take control of your own life. It’s in your power to do it.

There are many programs out there that can help and guide you to start your own online business. I got started with Wealthy Affiliate (you can read my review of that program here).

This is something you can start part time. You can decide if this is the solution for you, while you hold on to your day job. Starting part time also lets you look at other opportunities. Just be careful – there are a lot of scams out there!

ecome what you are meant to be. Working 50 – 80 hours a week, being stressed all the time, and feeling exhausted, is not the way human beings should live. Wouldn’t it be better to work as many, or as few hours per week, as you feel are necessary? Why kill yourself for somebody else’s gain, when you can work a few hours each day, and raise the quality of your own life?

Who would you rather be:




pportunity! That noise you hear behind you is opportunity knocking. If you’ve read this far, you are obviously looking for some meaningful change in your personal circumstances. You’ve reached a crossroads.

Are you ready to take your life in the direction you know you want to go? It takes commitment and hard work, but the payoff can be spectacular. And the many different paths you can take means you don’t have to be stuck in any one profession, or job, for the rest of your life.

timulate your growth. Unfortunately, most people will see this post, maybe even read it all the way through, but then not do a thing. While opportunity does knock once in a while, it doesn’t let itself in. You have to open the door and ask it to enter.

Are you going to answer that?

eize your moment! Comes a time when you have to make a decision. Leave your stagnant situation behind, set yourself onto a course of personal success.

You can seize this moment. Or, you can be like so many other people, and see opportunity leave you behind. Tomorrow, you can get out of bed knowing that you have started down the road to controlling your own


You can savor the thought that you’re now doing something about your stalled life. Action that will take you on a journey of liberation from the humdrum life of the 9 – 5 grind.

Someday isle will never come. You have to go get it yourself.

Click in the Comments section below – let me know what you think, or if you’d just like to say something. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “What does it mean to FIRE YOUR BOSS?

  1. This is a very motivational post. As you are reading it you find yourself really thinking about the possibilities one has to make a change. Reminds one of the dreams we start out with and then lose sight of. Thank you for the reminders. Thank you!
    Alina M.

    1. Hi, Alina – thanks for the comment. I think everyone should try to find something to help them improve their lives. Whatever that means to each individual, that’s what they should pursue.

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